Public Housing

Public Housing provides quality, affordable housing, while giving families a "step up" to a better future. The Fort Dodge Housing Agency owns and operates 135 units throughout the City of Fort Dodge including Deercreek Apartments. The Fort Dodge Housing Agency serves as the landlord for the properties. All applicants must meet income guidelines. Criminal record checks along with other reference checks are conducted.

To be a part of the Public Housing Program, you must complete an application. Once the screening and background checks are conducted to insure the family is suitable to participate in the program, the family is placed on a waiting list based on the bedroom size needed.

Public HousingThe Public Housing units are located at:

  • 1402 - 1431 29th Avenue North
  • 201 - 405 North 29th Street
  • 602 - 620 1st Street Northwest
  • 204 & 210 1st Avenue Northwest
  • 238 & 242 Avenue E
  • 223, 229 & 233 Avenue F
  • 218, 226 & 232 Avenue G
  • 700 South 17th Street - Deercreek Apartments

The following income guidelines apply to Public Housing Applicants and are effective 6/1/2023:

Number in Family Income Limit
1 $49,200
2 $56,200
3 $63,250
4 $70,250
5 $75,900
6 $81,500
7 $87,150
8 $92,750



Deercreek Apartments

Located at 700 South 17th Street, Deercreek Apartments offer affordable living for elderly families and /or persons with a disability. This beautiful building has features including an entrance security system, two community rooms, congregate meals on site, a chapel, 24 hour maintenance and scheduled activities.

Rent can be determined two different ways:

  • Income-based rent is calculated based upon thirty percent (30%) of the household's monthly-adjusted income, which includes rent paid to the housing agency and utilities.
  • Tenants can choose a flat rent based on bedroom size of the unit. Flat Rents currently are:


Deercreek Apartments
Efficiency $522.00
1 bedroom $526.00
2 bedroom $691.00
(Utilities included)
Scattered Sites
1 bedroom $385.00
2 bedroom $521.00
3 bedroom $683.00
4 bedroom $894.00

(Utilities not included)

Rent cannot be lower than $25.00 per month (minimum rent).

Application for Public Housing:

To apply for Public Housing go to the Application link by clicking on the FDHA logo at the top of this page.